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Acoustique Baby

Acoustique Baby

An Acoustic tribute to U2s iconc 1991 Album „Achtung Baby“

Markoustique performs acoustic interpretations of the 12 Album tracks as well as the songs that lead from „Rattle and Hum“ to the Berlin and Dublin produced „Achtung Baby“ and others from the aftermath. In the tradtion of VH1-Storytellers background stories and memories of that time will be told.

From Rattle and Hum to Achtung Baby

What happened between the release of the movie and accompanying album „Rattle and Hum“ and „Achtung Baby“? Are there hints for the new record in the more blues orientated predecessor?

From Dublin to Berlin and back to Dublin

Seeking inspiration the band travelled to Berlin for recording session in the Hansa Studios, where David Bowie, Iggy Pop and many others created some of their masterpieces. But the tension within the band about the road ahead and the musical direction nearly led to the end.

One song that saved the band

What should have been the bridge to a song that later became Mysterious Ways turned into another song. Adam Clayton, Bono and Larry Mullen Jr. joined the jamming Edge and created one of the masterpieces within a quarter of an hour.

The New U2: Bootlegged Gobbledy-Gook?

Master tapes leaked and were released as a bootleg hinting what the new U2 might have sound liked. For the band it was as if someone had a look into their notebooks, for the fans it was raw new material.

The CD is broken

Zoo Station opens Achtung Baby and when it starts, it sounds as if the record is damaged. Fully intentional! Someone described the sound of the album as four men chopping down The Joshua Tree.

From the Crusaders of Rock to new Personas

The video to The Fly introduced the same named Bono Persona to the world. Others, like the Mirrorball Man and MacPhisto, should follow on the Zoo TV and the following Zooropa tours. As if nothing was left to lose the band went full diva.

Christian motifs and a drinking song

Sometimes hidden, sometimes more obvious christian context influenced the songs. On the other hand there was even room for a drinking song that hints the dadaism that will have an impact on Zooropa and Pop.

If they can’t make it: will any of us?

While one song is about getting back together another is about separating and the pain it causes to all band members.

And then there were three?

What started with Achtung Baby continued with the as an EP planned Zooropa and climated somehow into Pop and then somehow this era was over.

Acoustique Baby – A U2 Acoustic Tribute

One evening one album and some tracks around it. Every of that song has a story to tell and many people do have their own memories and meaning to them.

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